About Us

Hello, my name is Elly Sotas and I am the owner/operator of “Whooos That?” costumes and design.  As a child I loved playing “dress up” and allowing my imagination to run wild.  Who could ask for more than to be a Sheriff, a Princess, and a Pirate all in one afternoon?  As I grew older and began to consider career options I had a strong interest in some sort of vocation in the field of fashion design.  My dreams usually took me to one of the epicentres of the fashion world such as LA, Toronto, or Vancouver; however, my reality turned out to be somewhat different.

I fell in love with a man who owns a farm in rural Manitoba (Birtle) and decided that my dreams now lay far from the skyscrapers and runways of big cities.  As I had a family and began my adult life I never lost my passion for fashion creativity or costume design.  I always cherished events like Halloween, or themed-parades that allowed me to show my talents.  I quickly found myself always making or putting together costumes for my family and friends, and once I had put all that work into them I simply couldn’t throw them out after a single use!  So I began collecting costumes and accessories of all shapes and sizes.  Finally, a friend half-jokingly mentioned to me one day that I should go into business.  At the time I laughed along… but that night the gears in my head were turning so fast I’m sure steam was coming out!  By the time morning came the foundation of “Whooos That” was firmly cemented, and I never looked back!

We officially opened the business out of our now famous big red barn in 1998.  Since then we have expanded in so many ways.  I have been busy putting together a large selection of costumes and accessories for all occasions, and of all shapes and sizes.  I have also developed quite a knack for creating custom-built costumes that can be cartoons, movie characters, animals, or really anything else you can think of.  I have even created costumes for the entire cast of plays and productions.  Our barn has developed into something all its own, and we often host themed parties there.  I take tremendous pleasure in seeing others have the same fun I continue to have with costumes and design.

We offer shipping to anywhere in Canada.  Please check out our site and feel free to contact me at: ellysotas@hotmail.com or use the contact form on the Contact Us Page

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